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9 December, 2015

How To Make Vanilla Cake In Pressure Cooker/ Vanilla Cake Recipe

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Date – 27.11.2015

About Recipe

Cake made in pressure cooker – yes you can make all type of cakes in pressure cooker. Cake made in cooker is soft and moist just like the cake we make in oven you can see in picture . For mixing the cake ingredients i am using blender but you can also use electric blender or spatula. Let’s see how to make cake in pressure cooker.

Preparation time – 15 mins

Cooking time – 45 mins to 1 hour


All purpose flour/maida – 2 cups or 250 gm

Sugar – 1 cup and 2 tbsp or 250 g

Butter – 1 cup or 200 gm

Eggs – 5

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Baking powder – 2 tsp


Grease the vessel for baking cake with butter and dust flour. I am using steel vessel for baking cake.

Ensure that all the ingredients are in room temperature. Batter keep eggs and butter out side of the fridge

an hour before you start mixing ingredients.

Add baking powder to flour and strain this mix with the strainer. Keep it aside.

In a big blender take  eggs, and blend them for few seconds or until it become soft and fluffy.

Add butter and blend again. Note – i am using blender for mixing the ingredients but you can also use electronic blender or spatula for mixing


Now add sugar and again blend it  for a minute or until the mix become soft and fluffy.

Now place this blended mix to the big vessel.

Add vanilla essence and mix well.

Now start adding flour to the mix, a little at a time (in 3 times). Gently fold the mixture until the flour

is mix well with butter mix. But do not over mix just mix gently.

Now place this cake mix in the greased vessel.

Use wide cooker so that it can hold your cake tin. Remove gasket and whistle from the cooker.

Place the cooker stand inside the cooker (I am using stand which comes with cooker). Cover the cooker

with its lid.

Now turn on the flame and keep the cooker on medium – high heat for 5 mins. This is how we pre heat the

cooker like oven.

Now place the cake pan inside the cooker on cooker stand with the help of pan holder without touching the

cooker and close the lid without whistle.

If you are using big burner keep the flame on less then medium. I am using small burner which I am

keeping on high. Do not open the cooker for 45 mins. After 45 mins open the lid and insert a tooth pic

inside the cake if its comes clean then your cake is done, if better stick in it again put the lid and turn

the flame low for 5 to 10 mins. ( baking time depend upon cooker’s thickness and burner’ heat)

After 55 mins again insert the tooth pic like before to check. If you cake gets baked turn off the flame.

Donot open the lid for more 5 to 10 mins.

After 10 mins carefully remove the cake pan from the cooker and keep it out.

Wait for 15 mins run the knife around the cake edges. Then invert the cake pan to remove the cake.

Now your cake is ready.

Things to be noted before starting to bake in pressure cooker

Remove the gasket from the pressure cooker.

Remove the whistle from the lid.

Do not use water in cooker.


Baking time depend upon cooker’s thickness and burner’s heat.

Make sure cake tin is filled with ½ or ¾ of batter.

After demoulding the cake wait for 45 mins to cut it into the slices.

You can make all type of cake in pressure cooker.

Donot over cook the cake otherwise it will be dry.

In Short


These are the ingredients


Grease the cake tin with butter and flour


Strain flour and baking powder


Blend eggs and for few seconds, till fluffy and smooth


Add butter and blend for few seconds, blend


Add powdered sugar and again grind


Place this mix in a big bowl


Add flour, baking powder and vanilla essence to this bowl


Mix gently



Place this cake mix to the cake tin


Pre heat the cooker with its stand, do not use gasketand whistle


Place the cake tin


Cover with the lid, bake it (read instructions)


Cake is ready to eat


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