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20 January, 2016

Til Papdi (with Jaggery)

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Date – 14.1.2016

About recipe

Till and jaggry are good source of iron and protein. Til papadi is very popular in north india. People make this specially during winter and makar sankranti festival.




Til/sesame seeds – 200 g or 2 cups

Jaggery/gur (grated) – 175 g or 200 g (if you like more sweet)/ 1 ¾ cup or 2 cups

Ghee – 2 tsp



Heat heavy bottom kadai and dry roast til until they become light brown in color. Do not roast more otherwise they will be bitter in taste. Keep aside.

Apply ghee on top of the kitchen platform and grease it.

Apply ghee on rolling pin too.

Heat kadai add 1 ½ tsp of ghee and grated jaggery and allow it to melt.

When jaggery melted properly stir with spatula and cook jaggery on medium heat for 2 minutes. (not more)

Now add roasted til to the jaggery and switch off the flame, mix nicely.

Now place ½ of the til – jaggery mix on the top of the greased platform, let it cool for some time.

By the time apply ghee in your hands.

With the help of two spatula give a square shape to this mix.

With the greased rolling pin roll it slowly and make flat how much you can.

With the knife cut into square shape and wait for some time.

With help of knife take out all the papdies and keep them in the box.

Follow same method with reaming mix.


Do not cook jaggery for long time otherwise papdies will be hard.

Adding ghee with jaggery is very important it will give nice shine, smoothness and flavour to the papadi.

If you are making til papadi first time better try ½ of the quantity.

In Short


Dry roast Til


Until it turn light brown


Grease the platform surface


Heat ghee in pan or kadai


Melt grated  jaggery and cook for 2 mins( not more)


Turn off the flame add roasted til, mix well


Place 1/2 of the mix on the greased surface


Give square shape with the help of two spatulas, let it cool for some time


Make it flat with the help of greased rolling pin


Cut into square shape


Til Papdi is ready, keep it in airtight container






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