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24 February, 2016

Kesar Shrikhand Recipe

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About Recipe

Shrikhand is traditional indian sweet which is made from hung curd or chakka. So here is the recipe.

Preparation time – 2-3 hours

Recipe type – Dessart

Cuisine – Indian

Serve – 2-3







Mesurment cup using 1 cup = 220 ml

Full fat fresh curd (curd made with full fat milk)- 1 l or about 4-5 cups

Sugar – 5-6 tbsp or add more according you

Elaichi/cardamom powder – ¼ tsp (about 4-5 cardamom )

Kesar/saffron – 14-15 threads

Hot milk – ½ tbsp


For making hung curd

First line the strainer on a deep bowl. And then line the muslin cloth or any cotton cloth on the strainer.

Now pour curd on muslin cloth.

Tie the all four edges of muslin cloth tightly.

You will see the whey dripping down.(do not throw this whey u can use it for making dough)

Now keep any heavy bowl or thing on the top of the muslin cloth.

Now keep this whole thing in refrigerator for about 4 hours to overnight.

Note – using deep vessel for collecting whey is very important, to keep distance between curd and whey.

After 4 hours you will see the hung curd will be ready and whey will be separated.

For making shrikhand

Transfer this hung curd to the bowl.

Whisk it nicely to make it smooth.

Meanwhile take ½ tbsp of hot milk in a bowl and add 15-18 saffron/kesar to this hot milk and keep aside for 10 min.

Now add cardamon powder, sugar and saffron milk to the curd. (you can use powdered sugar too)

Whisk them nicely till sugar mixed with the curd.(you can use blender too)

Shrikhand is ready serve it immediately or after chill.


Use fresh curd for making shrikhand.

The whey is very nutritious do not throw it. Use it for making dough.

You can add crushed dry fruits to the shrikhand to make it more rich.

In Short


Take 1 l or 4-5 cups of full fat curd


Strain the curd in muslin cloth


Tie all the edges of muslin cloth, keep heavy thing on the top of the muslin cloth. Keep this whole thing in refrigerator for 4-5 hours


After 5 hours


Whisk the hung curd nicely to make it smooth


Heat 1/2 tbsp of milk and add 15-16 saffron to this hot milk, keep aside for 10 mins


After 10 mins, remove saffron from milk or just leave it as it is


Add this milk to hung curd


Add cardamom powder and sugar, mix well till sugar mixed with the curd


Shrikhand is ready







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