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2 March, 2016

Shallow Fry Chicken Cutlet Recipe

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Preparation time – 25 mins

Cooking time – 3-4 min for per batch

Recipe type – Starters

Cuisine –  indian






Chicken – 500g minced

Potato – 200 g boiled

Onion – 200 -250 g finely chopped

Ginger – 1 inch (crushed or paste)

Garlic – ½ tbsp (crushed or paste)

Green chilli – 4-5 finely chopped

Red chilli powder – ½ tsp

Pudina/mint leaf – ½ to 1 cup finely chopped

Salt – as per taste

Lemon – ½

Bread crumbs – to coat the cutlets

Oil – for shallow fry

For making batter

Egg – 1

Vinegar – ½ tsp

Pepper powder – ¼ tsp

salt – 2 pinch


Boil the potato till they become soft, peel, mash and keep aside.

Take minced chicken in pressure cooker, add ¼ cup of water.

Pressure cook for 1 whistle. Keep aside for settle down.

When the pressure settles down. Drain the chicken with the help of  strainer. Drain it compeletly.

Meanwhile heat 1 tbsp of oil add finely chopped onion, pinch of salt and green chilies.

Fry till onion turn translucent.

Add garlic crushed or paste, fry nicely till raw smell goes off.

Add ginger crushed or paste, fry for few seconds.

Add chopped mint leaves, fry it nicely till mint leaves gets soft.

Turn off the flame.

Let this mix cools down little.

When the mix cools down little, add mashed potato,

Mix nicely.

Add cooked and nicely drained minced chicken. mix well.

In a bowl  beat one egg.

Add pepper powder, vinegar and salt. mix well.

In a plate spread bread crumbs.

Take 2 – 2 1/2 tbsp of potato – chicken mix in your hand and give cutlet shape.

Dip this cutlet into the  egg mix.

Coat it with the bread crumbs nicely. Follow this same method for other cutlets.

Wait for 5-10 mins so that bread crumbs will stick to the cutlet nicely.

Now heat 2-3 tbsp oil in a pan for shallow fry.

Place 2-3 cutlets in a time and shallow fry them from both the sides till they turn light brown.

Follow the same method for other cutlets. add more oil if needed.

Chicken cutlet is ready serve with tomato sauce.

In Short



Rinse minced chicken very well with water and drain it completely


Place  minced chicken in a pressure cooker and add little water, pressure cook it for 1 whistle


Heat 1 tbsp of oil


Place finely chopped onion and green chilies



Fry till translucent and add garlic (paste or crushed), fry it nicely till raw smell goes off


Add ginger paste or crushed , fry for few seconds


Add finely chopped mint/pudina leaf


Saute nicely till mint leaf gets soft, turn off the flame


Let this mix cool down for some time and add boiled, peeled and mashed potatoes, mix nicely


Add boiled and nicely drained minced chicken


Add salt


Add lemon


Add red chili powder


Mix nicely with the hand


Beat 1 egg


Add salt


Add black pepper and vinegar


Mix well


Spread bread crumbs in a plate


Take 2 tbsp of mix in  your hand and give cutlet shape


Dip it into the egg mix


coat it nicely with the bread crumbs


wait for 5-10 min


Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry them over medium flame


Shallow fry till they turn golden brown from both the sides


Cutlet is ready





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