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24 March, 2016

Chicken Sula/ Charcoal Chicken

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Date – 19.3.2015

About Recipe

Chicken sula recipe belongs from rajasthan,India. Rajasthan’s chefs gave the sula to the world. Sula translates as coal, in this recipe smoked chicken tempered with spices. so let’s see how to make it.

Recipe type – Starters

Cuisine – North Indian

Serve – 3-4



Measuring cup used 1 cup = 220 ml

Boneless chicken – 750 g (cut into medium size)

Butter or ghee – 1 tbsp

Oil/butter – 1 -2 tbsp

Kashmiri red chili powder – 2 tsp (for color) optional

For making paste

Brown/fried onion – ¾ to 1 cup

Cashew nuts – 8-9 soak for 15 -20 minutes in hot water

Kasuri methi – 1 tbsp

Clove – 6-7

Whole red chili – 6-7

Garam masala – 1 tbsp

Ginger – 1 inch

Garlic – 5-6

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Thick curd – ½ cup

Salt – as per taste


First soak cashew for 15-20 min in hot water.

Rinse chicken nicely with water and drain it completely, set a side.

Take all the ingredients under ‘for making paste’ in a blender and make smooth paste. No need to add water.

Add This blended paste, kashmiri red chili powder and oil/butter to the chicken. Mix well.

Keep it in refrigerator for marination for 30 min to over night.

After 30 min burn charcoal till it becomes red.

Keep one small plate on the top of the marinated chicken, keep this red burned charcoal in this plate.

Pour 2 tsp of ghee in this charcoal and immediately close the bowl with the plate and leave it for 2 min, by the time chicken will absorb all the aroma of the charcoal.

By the time prepare your tandoor or oven or tava or air fryer for cooking the chicken. I am using airfryer for this recipe.

Preheat airfryer at 180′ for 5 min.

Now place 8-10 chicken pieces to the airfryer container and push it inside the airfryer.

Now cook them at 180′ for 8-10 min.

After 8-10 min take out the airfryer container and your chicken sula is ready.

Follow the same method for the remaining chicken.

Serve this chicken sula with onion rings or green chutney.


For making this dish in tava spread 1 tbsp of oil in hot tava and place 8-9 chicken pieces, cook it over medium-high flame and in between change the sides with the spatula. Cover it with the bowl or plate for 1-2 minute so that chicken will cook fast and it will be soft from inside.

In Short

soak the cashew for 15-20 min in hot water


Ingredients for making paste and ginger – garlic (while taking pic i missed ginger – garlic but you add while blending)


Take them in a blender


make smooth paste


Add this paste to the chicken and add kashmiri red chili powder


Add oil


Mix well and keep it in refrigerator for 30 mins to over night


After marination keep one plate on the top of the chicken and keep burn charcoal


Pour ghee and cover with the plate for 2-3 mins


 Place chicken pieces to the preheated airfryer tray


Cook it for 8-10 min over 180′ and chicken sula is ready


Serve it with onion rings






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