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30 March, 2016

Ajwain/Carom Paratha

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Date – 19.3.2015

About Recipe

Ajwain paratha is very popular and easy bread variety in north indian cuisine. You can have this paratha with chutney, curd, pickle or any dry and gravy type vegetables.

Preparation time – 20 mins

Cook time – 15 mins

Recipe type – Breakfast

Cuisine – north Indian

Serve – 8-9 paratha



Measuring cup used 1 cup = 220 ml

Wheat flour/atta – 2 cups + for dusting

Ajwain/carom seeds – ¾ tsp

Salt – as per taste

Ghee – 1 tbsp (for moyan )

Oil/ghee – for shallow frying


In a bowl take wheat flour, ajwain, salt and add ghee.

Rub them nicely with your hands.

Add sufficient water and knead into a stiff dough.

Cover it with the bowl and set aside for 15 min.

After 15 min again knead the dough just for few seconds without adding water. This process will give a nice soft and crispy paratha.

Now divide the dough into 9-8 equal portions.

Take one dough ball and apply some dust flour.

With the help of rolling pin make 5 inch circle of the dough. Like small chapati.

Spread little (few drops) ghee on one side and fold the chapati into half.

Again apply some ghee and fold it again into half to make triangle shape.

Roll it into a triangular paratha, it should be little thick.

Place this paratha to the hot tava.

When paratha little cooks one side turn it other side and apply ghee or oil.

Turn it again and apply ghee/oil other side too and pour little ghee/oil at the sides of the paratha.

Cook till both the sides are golden.

Press with spatula to make it crispy.

Now follow the same method for other parathas.

Serve this hot paratha with chutney, pickle, curd or any side dish.



Tava should be hot when you place the paratha.

Maintain the heat while making paratha tava should not be too hot or less heat.

In short


Take flour and add ghee, carom/ajwain and salt


Mix well


Add water and make soft dough, set aside for 15 min


Divide dough into equal parts


Take one dough ball, flatten it and apply some dust flour


Make 4-5 inch circle with the roll pin


Apply  some ghee or oil and turn it into half


Again apply some ghee or oil and give triangle shape


Roll this triangle and make give paratha shape, make little thick paratha


Place it to the hot tava, when the parotha cooks little one side then turn it and apply ghee/oil, again turn it and apply some more oil/ghee other side as well, pour some ghee/oil on the sides


Press it with spatula to make it crispy


Ajwain paratha is ready


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