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12 April, 2017

Traditinal Gujiya recipe / How to make Gujiya

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Date – 27.3.2017


Preparation time –  60 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Cuisine –  Indian

Serve – 30 – 32 gujiyas





Measurement cup used 1 cup = 240 ml                                               



For gujiya pastry


Maida / all prupose flour – 3 ½ cups

Melted ghee / melted clarified butter –  ½ cup

Cold water –  ½ cup



For gujiya stuffing


Khoya / mava/ evaporated milk – 1 cup or 240 g

Sugar – ½ cup, make powder (or add according to your taste)

Suji or rava or semolina (fine variety) – ¼ cup

Desiccated coconut or khopra – ¼ cup

Almonds / badam – 12 – 15

Cashew nuts / kaju – 15 -20

Rasins / Kishmish – 3 tbsp

Melon seeds / magaj – 1 tbsp

Charoli / chirunji – 1 – 2 tbsp

Cardamom / elaichi powder – 1/4 tsp, OR take 6-7 green cardamom’s seeds and make powder

Ghee – 1 tsp, for roasting




 Step by step method with picture



 In a kadai, heat 1 tsp ghee.


  Roast rava / semolina at low – medium heat until light pink and then take it out. Keep it aside in a plate.


 In that same kadai fry khoya on low – medium heat.


Fry until it gets light brown in color. Once khoya turns light brown add desiccated coconut then immitiatly turn off the heat, stir nicely to mix them together.


Keep it aside with the rava.


Here add powdered sugar.


 Take dry fruits


Take alomnds, cashew, charoli and magaj in a small mixer jar.


Grind to the  course powder


Add prepared course powder and raisins to the plate. Add green cardamom powder.


Mix them togherther, now the gujiya filling is ready.


In a large mixing bowl take 3 ½ cups of maida. Make a well in the center.


One side heat up ½ cup melted ghee in a small pan.


Once ghee is bit hot, pour it in the well.


Mix it gently  with your fingers, like crumbling. The texture should be like, if you bind the mixture with your hand it will form a lump.


Now slowly start adding cold water and make bit hard dough. Here I have used ½ cup of water.


and make bit hard dough. Here I have used ½ cup of water


Now cover the prepared dough with a dump cotton cloth. And let it rest for about ½ hour or more.


Now devoid the dough in five equal part.


Roll each of them with your hands. 


Devoid in lemon size balls. I devoid the whole dough in 30 small balls.


Take one lemon size ball and flatten it.


Roll it using a rolling pin (belan). Roll it a bit thin circle. I did not use dusting flour while rolling but if needed use bit dusting flour.


Now take your gujiya mold and fit the prepared circle on it.


Fill in the gujiya filling in the mould, i have used 1 tbsp of mixture just enough to fill the mould.


One side in a small bowl take 1 tsp maida, add 1 tbsp water just to make a running batter out of it. Apply this thin batter on the edges of the mould using your finger. Do not apply to much of it but just apply thinly.


Now join the both parts of gujiya mould and press slightly.


Tear off the extra part which is left around the mould.


Open the mould now gujiya is ready for deep frying. Make sure that both the edges stick nicely other wise the gujiya may open while deep frying and all the stuffing may come out. Keep it aside.


If you do not have gujiya mold just put 1 tbsp prepared filling and apply maida batter thinly.


Cover the mixture with half left over circle. Take one fork and slightly press the edges. Make sure that both the edges stick nicely other wise the gujiya may open while deep frying and all the stuffing may come out.


Heat up the enough amout of oil in a large kadai. once oil is hot deep fry gujias over low – medium heat. Deep fry 3-4 gujiyas in a time.


Once gujiyas are light golden from both the sides take them out. Transefer them on peper towls to soke the axtra oil.


Gujiya is ready. enjoy.





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