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26 April, 2017

Smooth and creamy Mango ice cream

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Date – 17.4.2017


Here I am telling you how to make ever popular mango ice cream loved by kids and adults alike. This rich, creamy and real mango flavored ice cream is very easy to make and so yummy. Normally for making creamy and smooth ice cream we use whipping cream but I didn’t get it at my place so here  I have used low fat fresh cream + homemade malai (cream) combination which really works like whipping cream. But if you do not have home made malai or cream, use milk powder. I hope you will enjoy making and eating this smooth and creamy mango ice cream.





Preparation time –  15 minutes

Setting time –  6 hours

Cuisine –  Indian


Measurement cup used 1 cup = 240 ml                                              


Ripe mango (any sweet varity) – 500 g – 600 g

Amul fresh cream or 20 % low fat cream – ¾ cup or 220 ml

Malai / homemade cream or milk powder – 2 tbsp

Condense milk – ½ cup or 200 g





Before you start making this ice cream set the refrigerator for it’s maximum cooling.

Take 500 – 600 g ripe and sweet mangoes.


Peel the skin with peeler and chop them roughly. Transfer them to the blender jar.


Blend to the smooth paste then keep aside.


Take 220 ml or 3/4 cup chilled fresh cream (it should be chilled) in a large mixing bowl. If your fresh cream is not chilled keep the mixing bowl on the top of ice cube tub while mixing the ingredients.


Add 2 tbsp fresh home made malai (cream). If you do not have malai here add 2 tbsp of milk powder.


Continuously whip the  cream for about 5-6 minutes or whip until you get a soft pic. For whipping the cream here i have used electric beater but here you can also use mixer grinder.


Add 1/2 cup Condense milk and whip again for a minute.


Add few drops of vanilla essence and mix well. 


Finally add mango paste and mix nicely.


 Now mixture is ready for making ice cream.


 Transfer this mixture to the airtight jar.


 Keep it in freezer for about 4-5 hours.


 After 3-4 hours take out the ice – cream box and change the temperature setting of your refrigerator like the earlier one.


Take an electric beater or mixer grinder, and beat the ice – cream mix for about 2-3 minutes to break the ice crystals, then again transfer the mixture to the same box, again keep it in freezer for 2-3 hours.


, again keep it in freezer for 2-3 hours.


Finally mango ice cream is ready.




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